Exercise Abdo Flat Stomach: The Best Exercises To Refine Your Belly!

Are you looking to lose some superfluous belly fat to get a toned belly  ? With good abs exercises, you can get a flat stomach without excessive effort. Here you will find out how to do it, with a selection of perfect exercises to refine your belly , as well as tips for quick results.

Losing belly: good for morale and health?

There are many reasons that can cause you to want a flat stomach.

The first, aesthetic , you will feel better in your skin, with a refined belly and nice abs that you can proudly exhibit at the beach or in the weight room. But that’s not the only reason!

Having a strong lap belt will allow you to improve all of your sports performance . During each activity, your abs muscles are solicited: the right, the oblique or the transverse. And if you have toned them, your results will be better. A flat stomach promotes good digestion and the good flow of energy in the body!

Finally, we must not forget the healthy aspect of a flat stomach . Belly fat is one of the bad fats in the body, and it causes many health problems. To protect yourself against these by making the necessary efforts to have a flat stomach.

And for that, we have chosen 10 abdo special flat belly exercises that will help you achieve this goal easily.

Exercise abdo flat stomach: our top 10 best practices

It will be necessary to muscle your deep muscles , and to make disappear superfluous fat, to find a flat belly quickly. Here are some very good exercises to include in a follow-up program. We recommend 3 sessions of one hour per week , with 4 to 5 exercises each time. Do 3 sets of each exercise, with 15 to 20 repetitions each time .

The board

The classic cladding position , which is to support your elbows and forearms. Lie on the ground, legs stretched backwards and taking position on tiptoe, you will have to hold as long as possible.

Beginners will begin with 30-second exercises, before increasing 10 seconds each time thereafter.

It is an excellent exercise to refine, as it is evoked in this article dedicated to cladding and its benefits.

Lateral sheathing

In this exercise, you will go to the ground, resting on one elbow and one foot. The goal is to hold on these limbs with one leg suspended in the air. To complicate matters, you can even make small movements with this leg that does not touch the ground.

This movement will make you work the sides of your belly to make them more tonic.

Arm / leg stretching

This time, put yourself in the pump position. Arms and legs stretched, you will then raise an opposite leg and arm . For example, you will lift the right arm and the left leg, trying to keep the best balance possible. Alternate the limbs and think of breathing deeply.

The leg survey

Start in a supine position on a floor mat. Arms above the head, stretched, your legs stretched to the ground. While breathing, you will contract your abs to raise both legs stretched towards you, at the same time.

When descending, do not touch the ground, keep the legs in suspension for more efficiency and make the number of repetitions required as well.

The elbow / knee touch

Perfect for working obliques and thus refine both your hips and get a flat stomach, the touch elbow / knee is practiced as well: put yourself in position of crunch on the floor. Your hands will be at your temples, your knees turned towards you.

The movement is to raise the bust by trying to touch your knee with the opposite elbow. Imagine that you start with the right side, you will have to bend right trying to touch your left knee bent.

Alternate your elbows every time.

The bicycle crunch

A very good abdo exercise for a flat stomach quickly. Lying on the ground, you will lift your legs above the ground to pedal in the air like on a bike. At the same time, you will raise your torso towards your legs.

Be careful not to do it with momentum! It’s your abs that work, not your head that flies.

Stabilization with a Swiss ball

You will need a yoga ball to practice this exercise for a flat stomach. It’s about doing the board, having your legs on the top of the ball. You will then hold your arms and try to hold in this position.

A complete exercise that appeals to your sense of balance and your deep muscles.


A classic, which remains effective for losing belly. Even if some people tend to favor hypopressive , healthier abs , the crunch is always handy for quickly building up and getting rid of belly fat.

Position lying down, knees bent towards you, you will place your hands on your time and bring your chest to your knees, exhaling.

The bust statement

This is the same position as for the crunches, but this time will raise the bust very slowly . It makes the deepest muscles of your abs work. Contract well and breathe slowly up and down.

The bust with scissors

The same exercise as the previous, more complicated. In the previous steps, you will need to add bringing one leg back to you with each movement of your torso. It is a very effective exercise, but one that requires some coordination.

How long to find a flat stomach?

It is not easy to answer this question because it depends on your initial physical condition and your fat level. Here are some indications on how to quickly lose your fat , to facilitate the appearance of the lap belt.

In 1 month , you will see noticeable effects if you practice with seriousness and regularity.

Add to that the right diet to get the best results as soon as possible. We offer guides for men and women that will help you optimize your diet!

It is at the cost of a healthy lifestyle and the regular practice of these abs exercises for a flat stomach that you will see your silhouette refine as you wish.

Good exercises and good nutrition to refine the belly

So you are ready to lose your belly! Getting a flat stomach is not difficult , if you follow our advice.

We recommend that you always think about contracting your abs, when carrying out the various exercises that we have proposed but also during the least of your efforts. It may sound stupid, but when you walk, when you go up the stairs, when you breathe , do it thinking about contracting your abs. When it becomes a reflex, you will see that your flat stomach will no longer be a mirage!

With the right workouts, a well-crafted program , and the healthy lifestyle that goes with it, you’ll soon be wearing a pretty lap belt.

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