Exercises To Strengthen The Triceps, Bodybuilding And Program To Reinforce The Arms

The triceps bodybuilding is put aside by many practitioners. Indeed, when it comes to the muscles of the arms, many are the sportsmen who strive on the exercises for the biceps . Yet, triceps account for more than half of the total volume of the arm!

Many athletes ignore this and think that a direct training is not useful, they are content with the exercises of developed. It is true that some are lucky to have an anatomy that promotes the development of all the muscles involved. However, this is not the case for everyone , and many of us have to pay special attention to triceps strength training.

Why do you have to train triceps?

Triceps bodybuilding is underestimated and that’s a shame! As we will see, their work is triply essential. Dedicate part of your routine to triceps exercises and you will get more harmonious and more powerful arms . Not to mention that you will reduce the risk of injury.

Who says big triceps, said big arm!

As I said, few athletes are aware, the triceps represents more than half of the muscle mass of the arm. Indeed, it is composed of 3 portions while the biceps has only two.

  1. The vast external or lateral head. It is on the back side and although it is not the largest portion, it is this one that gives the big-arm effect.
  2. The vast internal or medial head. He completes the outer vast and muscle at the same time as him. So we do not need to focus on specific exercises for it to develop.
  3. The long portion. As the name suggests, it is the most important beam. Visually, it is the part of the triceps that opposes the biceps, so it is very important and allows to obtain large and harmonious arms.

We will see more in detail afterwards, the bodybuilding of the triceps must work in a fair way the vast external and the long portion. This work makes it possible to get big arms quickly. Much faster than if you focus only on the biceps.

Optimize all your exercises on the upper body.

In bodybuilding, everything is linked. If you’ve been practicing for a while, you’re probably aware of it. It is very important to know the functioning of your body , otherwise our routine may be distorted. Triceps strength training is a common example.

What happens when you do your pectoral exercises and your triceps are not developed enough? Your work is limited by the ability of your triceps! And yes, if your triceps are tired first, your pectorals can never develop properly. And the same goes for some shoulder exercises . Anatomically, impossible to dissociate shoulders and pecs from triceps. When you work with one of them, you almost always ask the triceps

It would be a pity to limit the development of two muscle groups to the benefit of one, no? Triceps is typically the unwanted muscle that slows down work.

Limit injuries.

Finally, the last argument in favor of triceps strength training: you take care of your joints . Muscle balance is a rule that must be respected if you want a harmonious silhouette , but especially to prevent injuries. This means that one must always work the muscle and its antagonist . In the case of the arms it is biceps and triceps. But this applies for example for the pectorals and for the back. In general, you should be able to lift the same weight.

If you do not work enough antagonistic muscles, you will unconsciously compensate with your joints. In the case of the arms it is the elbows that suffer the consequences of insufficient triceps bodybuilding. Tendinitis is not serious in itself but it takes several months to treat , and requires the total cessation of training. So you risk to hurt your training for the arms, but also perhaps the pectoral and back!

Moreover, for those who wish to limit the impact on their joints, think of exercises with elastic!

5 tips to optimize triceps strength

Now that you are convinced and determined to strengthen your triceps, you certainly want to know how to do it . Triceps are no exception to the rule and require rigor and consistency. However here are 5 tips that will help you make your sessions more effective.

# 1 Warm up properly!

The warm-up is an essential phase before any training. It not only helps to prevent injuries, but also to achieve better results during exercises. In the case of triceps the warm up is particularly important since they are solicited during many exercises for the pecs and the shoulders. But beware, here the goal is to increase blood flow, temperature and flexibility of tissues. The goal is not to work.

The most common way to warm up a muscle and its joint is with an exercise in isolation . Of course the exercise must be performed with a light load . In the case of triceps we will perform:

  • a bicep curl, about twenty times.
  • Then a tricep extension to the dumbbell there too, about twenty times.
  • Then choose an exercise for the back, such as pulling the pulley vertically.

Then, perform both exercises again but increase the load . At the same time, reduce the number of repetitions.

# 2 Strengthening triceps in pre-fatigue

Pre-fatigue is a technique that allows sensory sensations to be focused on a particular muscle or group of muscles. In the case of triceps, this method is very useful because many athletes have trouble provoking their voluntary contraction . By starting the exercise with the already tired muscle, his work will be more noticeable than that of the other muscles.

For this, the athlete must perform some triceps isolation exercises with heavy loads and little repetition before performing his basic exercise. Attention, despite appearances this technique requires a good knowledge of oneself  and is not suitable for beginners. It is indeed necessary to carry out pre-fatigue with precaution otherwise the result will be counterproductive and could even lead to injuries. If you practice indoors, ask your coach for advice.

It is also important to note that this technique is not intended to increase your performance . Pre-fatigue is a method that allows the athlete to better locate his muscles to properly focus the effort. Triceps bodybuilding requires a knowledge of your body if you want the exercises to be effective. Use pre-fatigue for up to 2 months to correct your perception of muscle.

# 3 The technique of post-fatigue

The post-fatigue method applies on a principle opposite to that of pre-fatigue. Indeed this technique will allow the athlete to improve its performance. This, especially with regard to muscle gain. As the name suggests, post-fatigue is done after a basic exercise . The goal is to take advantage of the last contractions of the muscle to apply a more intense effort, precisely.

To do this, it’s simple. Perform your usual basic exercise (like the bench press) and go on, without a rest phase , with an exercise in isolation. Use moderate to heavy loads (depending on your level) and do 5 to 8 repetitions. As you can see, the post-fatigue method requires a good recovery . Be attentive to your feelings and do not expect beyond your limits. During a triceps workout, do not use this technique on all exercises! This is a small muscle group and you risk hurting yourself. If you are a beginner, do not hesitate to ask your coach for advice.

Performed correctly post-fatigue will allow you to quickly optimize the triceps strength. You will gain in volume, in power but also in self-knowledge.

# 4 Make bodybuilding triceps your priority!

And yes, simply: if a muscle group is late on the rest, we prioritize his work! For this, the athlete will have to re-organize his program. Here are some tracks:

  • Start your routine with triceps bodybuilding. You are cooler and therefore in better conditions to focus properly on this muscle group.
  • Book at least one day a week to bodybuild your triceps. During this session, reduce the exercises that require the pectorals and the back. Even if they ask for your triceps, these exercises tend to tire them rather than make them work. This can decrease the effectiveness of exercises for triceps. During the rest of the week, first perform the exercises for triceps and then those for the pecs and back. In this way you are sure that your triceps are working!
  • Otherwise, you can also move the chest exercises and back exercises for triceps during your session.

Of course, there is no question of leaving other muscles to the benefit of the triceps. But as it is a muscle that we tend to forget, making it your priority for a few months should allow you to catch up.

# 5 Choose the tight grip!

As you know, taking determines which muscles you are working on. Even if the movement seems to be the same, if you make it tight, you completely change the nature of the work.

In the case of bodybuilding for triceps, you can thus adapt practically any exercise and focus the effort on this muscle group. The case of pumps for triceps illustrates quite well that. If you are making pumps with your hands over shoulder width, then you will work the pecs. On the other hand, if you bring your hands together, you prioritize triceps. You can apply the same principle to the bench press.

Also remember to vary the range of motion to solicit all parts of the triceps. Be careful when you push the range of motion to its maximum, and do not ask too much in terms of weight.

Finally, do not forget to stretch correctly! Do not hesitate to read on with our article entirely dedicated to stretching triceps!

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