Muscle Pectoral Muscles: The Best Bodybuilding Exercises To Train Well

Strengthening your pecs is a goal common to many bodybuilding practitioners. This is normal because the pecs touch both aesthetics and strength and develop them can only be beneficial. But how do you go about strengthening your pecs?

There are many exercises, with or without equipment , for a specific area of ​​the pecs, or even reserved for women, which can be practiced. To see more clearly, we propose to understand how to develop the muscles of your bust in the best way, with best practices!

Learn to strengthen your pecs

The pectorals are the muscles that serve to actuate the arms and provide them with the strength necessary for their actions. They are in front of the rib cage, which they also protect. Muscle building is therefore important to gain more strength, especially for beginners in bodybuilding and for women, but also to combine this strength gain with a valued aesthetic.

Pectoral salients are currently one of the criteria of beauty in men. Many stars exhibit them and we sometimes feel that achieving this goal is impossible. However, with targeted training sessions, it is quite possible to build muscle mass at this level.

Know that to develop his pectoral, it must be between 3 and 4 sets of 10 to 15 repetitions for each exercise, no more. These are muscles that require rest and they will also have to rest, spacing the sessions of 4 to 5 days for the most seasoned, 2 to 3 days for beginners who still have the margin!

Here we offer exercises to strengthen muscles pecs.

The importance of stretching for a safe practice

Before thinking of having concrete pectorals, you have to make sure that you practice in the right way. The first thing to do is to stretch!

But contrary to what many people think, stretching is not just done to prevent injuries. Of course, starting with a cold muscle is a bad idea, but stretching is very important for proper muscle development.

By stretching them, your muscles gain flexibility and will be more malleable when you practice exercises to make it grow. As a result, they will become more comfortable with this development. Too often, practitioners in too much of a hurry can see disharmony in the development of their bust.

A good program for pecs’ steel!

There are many questions about pectoral strength training. On the one hand, the exercises must be adapted to the morphology of each, on the other hand the objectives of the practitioners are not necessarily the same. A bodybuilder will not work his chest in the same way as a neo-practitioner.

So the solution is to know which results you are aiming for in order to organize the best bodybuilding program for everyone. Should we work all the muscles at once? Can we focus only on mass gain? Is it possible to do express sessions to get steel pecs? What are the best exercises for the top of the pecs? And for the bottom?

How to strengthen your pecs when you have no equipment?

It is often imagined that the pecs require a diligent practice in the weight room. If it’s true for a number of exercises, know that muscle pecs at home is quite possible! There are very good exercises that do not require any equipment.

The pumps will be favored because they allow a complete work for your entire body. Mixing sheathing and active bodybuilding, they can develop pretty pecs quickly. And we can practice them anywhere! Where they are even more interesting, when there is no time to go to the room for example, it is in their varieties: there are many ways to make pumps: slammed, raised, crossed, spread or triangle, make your choice among those we present in this article !

Without equipment, other forms of training for the pectorals are possible: the dips, beneficial for the pecs and for the triceps, or the pull-Over which will make work the pecs and which will favor the opening of your ribcage. This way, your muscles will have more space to grow during your training sessions.

Muscle the pecs with the right accessories

Some accessories can be very important for the development of your chest. Most gyms will be equipped but you can also buy these devices at home.

The weight bench will be crucial, to perform bench presses, inclined thrusts, pullovers, and to make sure you are in the right position. It is sometimes difficult to keep your back straight, or to be well aligned, when you are on a couch or a floor mat.

Among the essentials, note the dumbbells that can achieve good results, including the spread-inclined or developed-lying that work the chest harmoniously.

Electrostimulation is also an interesting technique. Sensors placed on the pectorals send small electric shocks, which stimulates the muscle deep. It is effective to improve your training sessions or to compensate for a lack of practice time.

If you’re looking for great indoor and indoor exercises with third-party equipment, take a look at this complete article! Choose the right weight training equipment and create a custom circuit training !

Do women have to work their pecs?

Women have many questions about their pectorals. The first question is often whether or not to work. One often hears, wrongly, that muscle his bust for a woman is likely to make him lose breasts. Some also fear losing feminity by practicing exercises to strengthen the pecs.

In fact, strengthening your pecs for a woman has many practical benefits. This allows an improvement of his physical condition and a greater ease to make small daily gestures. For a woman, this is one of the only ways to gain more strength!

In terms of aesthetics, it’s also the right way to shape your figure. Having muscular pecs will give a woman more speed, and allow her to straighten her bust. It is also a way to strengthen his chest a little and to offer him better support.

Tips and risks to avoid when you want to strengthen your chest properly

Despite all the goodwill of the world, sometimes the results do not live up to your expectations. The reason can be in a detail, in a poorly executed movement or in a small mistake made during training. Here are some practical tips for minimizing these approximations.

Too much bench press

In sports halls, the machines of developed-beds are assaulted. Many focus on this exercise to train their pecs and thinking that this technique is enough. No, that’s not enough. And worse, this is the best way to end up with pecs unsightly or shaped small breasts!

The top of the chest is not stressed enough in this exercise and because of this, you will have trouble getting the curved effect that gives all your aesthetic to your pecs. It is therefore necessary to think of practicing the inclined exercises to solicit the upper part of your bust!

Abuse machines

In the weight room, we see men spend most of their session on guided pedometer machines. If they have many advantages, be aware that abuse will hurt the development of your chest and the speed with which they will form.

Better to alternate between machines and free loads (bars or dumbbells) to obtain a more natural musculature. The machines are quite fixed, and you will work on a single plane, while in real life , the muscles are solicited in many ways. To achieve this effect, free weights are much more beneficial.

The good rhythm is half of a session on one machine, the other half in free charge!

Too heavy, too fast

When we start, we say: I’ll put the heavier weights possible to quickly progress and have concrete pecs in 1 week! You can imagine, it’s a very bad idea.

Before considering increasing the load to be lifted or pushed, make sure the muscle is ready. For that, you will have to practice, practice, practice … until your movement is perfectly executed , without pain. It will mean that you have assimilated the movement. Your body will then be able to meet a new challenge, with higher weights.

Wanting to go too fast is a risk of injury and will not improve your performance at all!

A lack of variety

What we explained for the developed-lying is true for the other exercises. Always doing the same exercise or program will slow down your progress. Indeed, once a muscle gets used to a movement, it works less.

It is therefore important to vary the exercises at each session (focusing for example on the top of the chest on the first day, on the bottom the next time, etc.) so as not to allow time for your muscles to get used to .

Plus, if you do not let your muscles rest, they will not get fat! To vary the exercises is also to give the time to the inactive parts to take the necessary rest to develop harmoniously.

The amplitude!

The pectorals can be expanded easily, especially if you stretch well. It is not uncommon for a practitioner with a flat chest to come up with a curved and prominent bust after a few pus exercises. This means that he has been attentive to the amplitude of his gestures.

Alas, many practitioners focus on the raised weight rather than the amplitude, as it is more rewarding. But it’s an error that will limit the results and will not allow you to have the pecs you dream of.

Decompose your movements and open up!

The catch too tight

If you hold your bars or dumbbells with your hands too close together , you will not benefit from the good effects on your pecs. The more tight you are, the more your triceps will be solicited.

Try to have, at least, a spacing a little higher than that of your shoulders, so that your pecs work their resistance.

The intensity and speed of each exercise

It is essential to control the rhythm of one’s movements during bodybuilding exercises. To strengthen your pectorals, the breath is important, since it is more directly related to your ribcage. The respiratory movements will be in phase with the efforts provided by the muscles and with their amplitudes of work.

In addition, care must be taken not to go too fast. Better to do fewer repetitions, but do them perfectly and at a slow pace, rather than trying to beat a speed record.

A steel mind for concrete pectorals

If your mind goes elsewhere while you train, you will not be able to fully realize your exercises. Be concentrated! The best trick is to follow the breath and to be guided by it. It will then give you the rhythm and allow you to push harder, more easily.

How long does it take to have beautiful pecs?

This is a recurring question in all those who embark on the bodybuilding of their pecs? When will they appear? How many sessions does it take to see the first results? There are no precise answers, because the morphology of each is different and the way of practicing will generate different effects.

But keep in mind that no one becomes ultra muscular in a few days! If you follow a complete program, adapted to your needs, it will take about 2 months to see your first well-designed pectorals. Of course, if you are an absolute beginner, you will see the difference fast enough. For those who already have a few pecs, the results will be less obvious.

For those who want pectorals worthy of Schwarzenegger in his beautiful years, he will have to train hard. These pecs will not appear in a few weeks. To get a bodybuilder’s physique, you need several years of training. It is at the cost of many efforts, a drastic diet and millimeter training sessions that you can achieve this level of muscle detail.

Learn how to strengthen your chest muscles for impressive results!

Pupil strength training is important for the harmony of your body . This is an essential area for movement, since the pectorals are connected to the movements of your arms. But it is also a part of the body that participates in physical beauty. Do not neglect the work of the pecs when you do bodybuilding.

Of course, you have to respect certain bodybuilding rules for well-trained pecs. The first is rigor. Practice once in a while will only serve you to have aches. A long-term strength training program is required , with several sessions per week to achieve visible results. And of course, you have to stick to it!

Then, despite all your good will, without a restful sleep and a balanced diet, you will not achieve anything. Your muscles need rest to digest the work provided. After 3, 4 days, they will be ready to start the exercises again. But if you practice too much, you could hurt yourself!

For food , you need protein, fiber and a sufficient calorie intake compared to the effort provided. If you are aiming for muscle mass gain, you will need to calculate your daily nutritional requirements in order to have a sufficient diet. You can also use protein powder.

Finally, each exercise must be done the right way . This may seem obvious, yet many athletes do not practice the right way. If in less severe cases, a poorly done exercise will not give the expected results, in the worst case it can lead to muscle damage. Be careful to exercise properly, adopting the right starting position, respecting the rest time! The advice of a sports coach can be useful; if you are in the weight room, do not be shy and ask other practitioners for advice!

You are ready to develop your pecs! You will be more beautiful, stronger, safer. Make the necessary efforts, you will not regret it!

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