Pectorals Woman: How To Develop Pectoral And Chest?

If for men, having pecs is a symbol of virility, women are more reluctant to work their pecs . Many received ideas distort the reality of the practice and we will try to unravel the true from the false. You will see that good exercises can do you good at the bust!

Discover the benefits of pectoral training for women and the best program for you. Know it, strengthen your pecs helps firm up your body and stimulate it, so follow our sports coaching!

Should a woman work on her pecs?

Many women think that by exerting their pectorals, they will lose their chest. This is certainly due to the women featured in the bodybuilder contest, who have very few breasts. But know that they are professionals and as such, their training is not normal! For a traditional practitioner, female pectoral exercises will not reduce your breast.

To get better muscles, it is important to work your chest! But even if you do not do bodybuilding, know that developing your pecs can do you a lot of good.

You should know that the pectorals are behind your chest and that by developing, you will help your breasts to better stand. In the same way, strong pecs will give you more strength, quite simply. Practical for everyday life or to improve your sports performance (martial art, tennis …).

Aesthetic and practical , the pectorals for women are not to be neglected. Here are some exercises that will allow you to work the muscles of your torso properly!

Female pectoral training program: good exercises

To obtain satisfactory results quickly, there is no miracle solution: it takes regularity in your practice and a properly executed training . Here is an example of a program that will allow you to curve your torso and have pretty pecs.

Pumps to muscle easily!

Many women think that pumping will be enough to develop their pectoral muscles. This is not entirely true, but pumps remain a safe bet for getting good results.

We advise you to do classic pumps or pumps on the knees, if you want to work your bust in a traditional way and without forcing too much. These pectoral exercises, for women and men, allow to practice sheathing and muscle development at the same time.

Make 4 sets of 15 classic pumps or 4 sets of 10 if you choose a more complex movement.

To make your workouts a little more intense, it is possible to do other types of pumps. We talk about it in this article devoted to the work of pectorals without material.

Developed bench press bar for mass gain

To practice in the room, on the appropriate machine. The bench press is the most practiced exercise in the gym and it will be excellent for the development of female pectorals. It also allows to work the triceps and the anterior deltoids, in a moderate way.

Sitting on a weight bench, with your feet on the ground, you will have to grab the bar by placing your hands at a distance of double your shoulders. Grab it in pronation (palms down) and then lower the bar at your pecs. Then, without stopping, push (expand) the bar in front of you, taking care not to block your elbows.

Inhale while descending and exhale while pushing. Do 4 sets of 10 repetitions .

Developed lying down with dumbbells to tone your bust

This exercise is similar to the previous ones, but in addition soft . It allows to take muscle without too much force and will be ideal for a semi break during your training session.

Lie on a weight bench (or a yoga mat if you are at home) and take small dumbbells, holding them in pronation position. Place your hands face to face and initiate the movement. Extend your arms in front of you and bring them back to your chest.

Inhale down the dumbbells and exhale while pushing. Do 4 sets of 25 repetitions , with a short break of 15 seconds between each.

Inclined squash with dumbbells, to sculpt your torso

This exercise will work on opening your ribcage . Lie on your back, arms outstretched, with a small dumbbell in each hand. Raise your arms in front of you while inhaling, and blow them back to the sides. Be careful to keep your back straight.

Do 4 sets of 20 repetitions with a short break of 15 seconds between each.

Pullover with small dumbbells, for a complete bodybuilding session

Always with small dumbbells, lie on a straight floor, on a weight bench or sofa, and place your feet flat on the ground (bringing your legs). In your hands, facing each other, hold the dumbbells and lift them behind your head. Then bring them back to the center in front of your bust.

Do 4 sets of 25 repetitions by blowing when you bring them back to your bust.

You can do 2 or 3 sessions of bodybuilding a week , alternating with bodybuilding of other parts of your body. The goal is to get a harmoniously muscular physique! Do not neglect stretching before starting your session. In addition, it is good not to opt for too light weight (not very effective) but beware of too heavy loads, which may tend to reduce your breasts.

Many women sometimes wonder about the risks of pectoral training . Let’s see what are the questions that come up most often.

Frequently Asked Questions about Female Pectoral Training Results

Should a woman who does weight training have to worry about losing her femininity or seeing her breast diminish? Is chest training effective quickly?

Am I going to have a man’s physique?

Of course not ! Do not force and do too intensive sessions, but with a thoughtful practice and a good program, adapted to your needs, the results will allow you to have a muscular and athletic body, but not too developed.

By combining a women’s pectoral program with stretching and a balanced diet, you’ll get an athletic and well-designed silhouette.

Your chest will it reduce?

It is a cliche persistent but not necessarily justified. Bodybuilding does not lose breasts, but if you carry too heavy loads, you could lose a little chest. Choose semi-light weights and eat properly . It is recalled that the female breast is composed of fat and that if it melts, it is due to a diet too low in calories or poorly adapted.

What are the benefits of pectoral training for women?

Having muscular pecs in a woman can be better . On a daily basis, you will improve your outfit and your efficiency for small everyday actions. Know that it is not possible for a woman to have more strength without working her pecs.

The shoulders and triceps will also be affected by pectoral work and you will benefit from a curved and thinner silhouette. And if you like to highlight your cleavage, it’s a great idea.

How long does it take to get good results?

If your goal is to make your chest fat, it will be quite long. But to harden your chest, to strengthen and rebalance , a constant training in time will be very effective. In a few weeks, your first results will be visible!

Female chest: strength and muscular balance

If following a complete bodybuilding program can allow you to develop your torso, your arm muscles and refine your silhouette, it is of course possible to focus only on your pecs.

We advise you to choose 4 to 5 exercises and to organize a weekly program. Feel free to vary the exercises, to break the monotony and not to tire your muscles. Indeed, from time to time, it is good to shock your muscles so that it wakes up.

At the cost of these efforts, you will soon be wearing pretty pecs .

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